This is how to give positive affirmations for pregnant women


“During pregnancy, mothers can be anxious and worried about many things. However, this condition can be overcome with positive affirmations, which are affirmations that are used to instill positive feelings, especially regarding the pregnancy. By repeating them every day , you will see that the benefits are being seen”. She felt. “

Affirmations are statements that a person uses intentionally to instill a sense of positivity and purpose in the mind about a particular topic. She can also use these phrases and short sentences to help her focus and get the positive message that she wants to remember.


Positive affirmations will be of great help during pregnancy. This will help the mothers-to-be deal with any fears or doubts they experience. In this way, pregnant women can spend the nine months of their pregnancy in a calmer and more pleasant way.

Some types of positive affirmations during pregnancy

The way …

Normal Facial Skin pH Level and How to Keep it Balanced (1)

What Is My Skin Type? Here's How to Tell | Dermstore Blog

Normal facial skin pH tends to be acidic, which is in the range between 4.5-5.7. To keep the pH of facial skin in balance, you need to take proper care of skin health.

Various facial skin problems, such as acne, oily skin, redness, and signs of premature aging are not only caused by exposure to pollution and sunlight, as well as the use of skincare products. The reason is, the pH of facial skin also affects skin health.

That means, maintaining facial pH is very important so that levels remain balanced and can help keep skin healthy.

Come on, find out what pH of facial skin is and what is the right pH level for the human face in the following article.

What is the pH of facial skin?

Basically, the potential Hydrogen or skin pH is a measure used to indicate the level of acidity or alkalinity of …

Normal Facial Skin pH Level and How to Keep it Balanced (2)

Skin pH Level Explained - Skin pH Tests & How to Balance Your pH Level

Is there a way to find out the pH of facial skin?

To find out the pH of your facial skin, there are several ways you can do. For example:

1. Use of pH measuring instruments

One way to find out the pH of facial skin is to use a pH meter.

A skin pH meter is different from a pH meter for saliva and urine.

PH measuring instruments for saliva and urine are usually used to determine the pH level of the body as a whole.

Meanwhile, a skin pH meter is a paper strip that aims to find out the pH level of your skin.

To use it, you simply stick a paper strip on the surface of the facial skin.

2. Make skin observations

You can also make observations on the skin as a way to find out the pH of facial skin.

If the face has …

Omega 3, Nutrition Important for Child Brain Development

Fish Oil Dose for Kids - How Much Omega-3 Should I Give My Child?

Omega 3 is a “magical” fatty acid that is very beneficial for the health of our bodies. Even more so for children who are still growing up. Not only that, omega 3 also has an important role for brain development, so that it can support the future of your child.

Even so, there are still many parents who are hesitant to give omega 3 supplements to their children. Here, everything about omega 3 supplements will be thoroughly peeled, including safe doses and the benefits of omega 3 itself, so you don’t need to be afraid anymore to give omega 3 supplements to the baby.

What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is very important for everyone, especially children. Unfortunately, the body cannot produce omega 3 itself. That is why, in addition to adults, children are also advised to consume foods containing omega 3 and omega 3 …

Can a Warm Bath Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke? Here are the facts

Circumstances that can cause anxiety can make your heart beat faster than usual. One way to protect your blood pump is by taking a bath using warm water.

The researchers said that bathing with warm warm water can reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke. The study was also published in the journal Heart in Japan.

Researchers have also traced the relationship between bathing habits and the risk of heart disease in more than 30 thousand adults for 20 years.

“We found that frequent bathing with warm water routinely was associated with a lower risk of hypertension,” said a researcher.

“Using hot water when bathing will also benefit the risk of long-term disease because of the reduced risk of developing hypertension,”

According to the results of the study, a hot shower every day can reduce as much as 28 percent risk of heart disease, and reduce as much …

Benefits of Fitness in the Gym

Doing fitness in the gym can be one way to implement a healthy lifestyle. With various facilities available, the benefits of fitness in the gym can support your health.

Fitness is a physical activity that brings various health benefits. The benefits of fitness in the gym not only makes the body fit, but also contributes to one’s mental health.

Various Benefits of Fitness in the Gym That Can Be Obtained

Many people do fitness with the main goal to lose weight. Yet besides that, there are various benefits of fitness in the gym that can be obtained if done routinely. Here are some of the benefits of fitness in the gym for health:

1.      Increase self confidence

Weight loss, more and more muscle is formed and body fat is increasingly eroded is the benefit of fitness in the gym that you can get. This change in body shape can certainly …

Cargill Sells Fruit Processing Plant In Brazil To Germany’s Doehler

NutritionPeople with increased general protein intake had increased muscle mass and stronger quadriceps, the muscle in front of the thigh, stated lead writer Kelsey Mangano of the University of Massachusetts in Lowell.

None of the individuals had heart problems once they joined the study, however after researchers adopted half of them for at the least 9.6 years, 391 individuals developed the guts illness including 207 occasions like coronary heart attacks. People with wholesome arteries had been about fifty five p.c much less prone to develop coronary heart disease in comparison with the remaining.

If an aged particular person coughs during meals or appears to have problem getting their food chewed and swallowed, an analysis is critical. Certainly complaints of nausea, vomiting, bloating, and so forth might point out digestive or different medical issues as well. Again, a medical evaluation must be pursued first in these circumstances. In addition, verify their …

The Nature And Nurture Of Running For Fitness

Health TipsA average-intensity walking regimen might scale back symptoms of gentle cognitive impairment which are linked to poor blood vessel well being within the mind, a small study suggests.

It is a growing market: about 2.5 million such wearable gadgets had been offered in India last year, most priced beneath $50, in response to analysis firm International Data Corporation. Maternal mortality is greater amongst women residing in rural areas and poorer communities, the place access to healthcare is usually forbidden or curtailed attributable to a scarcity of female medics. Deierlein famous, nevertheless, that this research’s findings are just like those of earlier ones that examined a wide range of ethnic and sociodemographic populations.

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WHO Warns Of Imminent Spread Of Untreatable Superbug Gonorrhoea

Health NewsWASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump turned up the warmth on Friday on fellow Republicans in the U.S. Senate to go a bill dismantling the Obamacare regulation, but with their retooled healthcare plan drawing fire throughout the party even yet another defection would doom it.

Since Narendra Modi was elected prime minister in May 2014, India has canceled the foreign funding licenses of more than 9,000 foreign-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and sacked dozens of government consultants who were paid by global assist companies. Wonderful lens. Reading about different health promotion campaign ideas is extremely motivational. It’s great how many individuals could be inspired to work collectively and enhance their high quality of living. Good summary here James. I watch Fox now and again and see these males, however I did not know title or background for a lot of of them.

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Troubleshooting Breastfeeding: Tips For Dealing With Common Challenges

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Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural journey but can come with its fair share of challenges. Whether you’re a new mom or a seasoned pro, troubleshooting common breastfeeding issues is essential for a successful and positive experience. In this article, we’ll explore some tried-and-true tips to help you navigate common breastfeeding challenges like engorgement, nipple soreness, low milk supply, and latching difficulties.

Common Breastfeeding Challenges

Breastfeeding is a unique experience for every mother, and it’s expected to encounter challenges. Understanding these challenges can help you overcome them more effectively. Let’s explore some of the most common breastfeeding hurdles and how to troubleshoot them.

Low Milk Supply And How To Increase It

One of the most common concerns for breastfeeding moms is low milk supply. It can be frustrating and worrisome, but there are several steps you can take to increase your milk production. Firstly, make sure you’re …

Beyond Protruding Ears: The Benefits Of Otoplasty For Aesthetic Improvement

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about your protruding ears? If so, you’re not alone. Many people with this condition avoid certain hairstyles or constantly try to hide their ears with hats or hair. Fortunately, there is a solution – otoplasty.

Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery or ear pinning, is a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape and reposition the ears for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. But beyond its cosmetic benefits, otoplasty can also profoundly impact confidence and self-esteem.

By correcting protruding or asymmetrical ears, otoplasty can help you feel more comfortable in social and professional settings. It can also enhance your overall facial harmony and balance, creating a more pleasing aesthetic.

Whether you’re born with protruding ears or have experienced trauma that altered their shape, otoplasty offers a safe and effective solution. With advancements in surgical techniques, this procedure is now more precise and customizable.

If you’re ready …