What To Do With Old Magazines

Health MagazineInstead of tossing your like-new magazines into the trash or recycling bin, why not share your reads or discover another use for them? Follow the following tips and you can save cash and the atmosphere at the similar time. Besides giving them away, magazines are great sources for a lot of crafts and video games. Discover what you can do with your used magazines.

Illustrative journal cowl design is one thing super-fashionable and extra distinctive. For these with design, artwork and tech titles, such an try can work wonders. Unlike in case of logos, the place flat graphics are really helpful, here you’ll be able to go for vector graphics as they’re capable of expressing extra abstract concepts in a lucid and incredible manner.

Some reputed magazines use colors very sparingly and this is wise. To say, clubbing one robust single colour with black and white photos and toneless text …