This is how to give positive affirmations for pregnant women


“During pregnancy, mothers can be anxious and worried about many things. However, this condition can be overcome with positive affirmations, which are affirmations that are used to instill positive feelings, especially regarding the pregnancy. By repeating them every day , you will see that the benefits are being seen”. She felt. “

Affirmations are statements that a person uses intentionally to instill a sense of positivity and purpose in the mind about a particular topic. She can also use these phrases and short sentences to help her focus and get the positive message that she wants to remember.


Positive affirmations will be of great help during pregnancy. This will help the mothers-to-be deal with any fears or doubts they experience. In this way, pregnant women can spend the nine months of their pregnancy in a calmer and more pleasant way.

Some types of positive affirmations during pregnancy

The way to instill this positive affirmation is to repeat it every day. As a result, positive affirmations can help women turn negative feelings about their pregnancy into positive ones.

It can also help to view receipts for notes at home, in the car, or at the office. So pregnant women can avoid anxiety. Also, here are some examples of affirmations made especially for pregnant women:

“I welcome and accept the changes that are taking place in my body.”

“My pregnant body still looks beautiful.”

“My body knows how to nurture and help the baby grow.”

“The baby in the womb feels the love I have.”

“The baby and I will always be healthy and strong.”

“My body is ready to give birth.”

Affirmations must be personal

Perhaps confirmation is not the same for everyone. To be really helpful, they need to talk to each individual in private and work through her various fears and concerns.

In addition to the examples given above, you can also ask a psychologist for advice on the types of affirmations to repeat every day. Remember that affirmations encourage a healthy mindset.

If you want to ask a psychologist for help to introduce positive affirmations that are very useful during pregnancy, you can try to contact a psychologist directly at the hospital.

Why are positive affirmations so good during pregnancy?

While there’s no guarantee that claims will actually change pregnancy outcomes, some studies suggest that they can reduce stress and anxiety. This then helps pregnant women and makes it easier for them to rest, eat and avoid problems like headaches and fatigue. Also, positive thoughts tend to promote positive feelings, which can help make the pregnancy experience more pleasant and relaxing.

Studies show that the use of positive affirmations affects pathways in the brain, increasing activity in areas of the mind responsible for self-esteem, self-regulation, and primary values. Researchers believe that the regular practice of saying uplifting statements can effectively shift focus from negative or stressful emotions to one’s expansive ability to cope, increase self-confidence, and bring new ideas, strategies, energy, and hope into the future. . front of. Plus, affirmations are super easy to do, free, and accessible to everyone.