Essential Gym Equipment For Training At Home

Budget-Friendly Home Gym Essentials | Shape

Making time to exercise is not always that easy. Often, the busy routine or not having a gym nearby are factors that prevent you from training daily. Therefore, having essential gym equipment at home is an excellent option to do sports. But what is the best home gym equipment? Read on, and we will tell you.

To know what kind of equipment to have in your home, you should think about your space and needs. Although gyms have various machines, it is not essential to have everything in your home. You can work out and strengthen your body with crucial equipment without spending a fortune. This is because nowadays, there are several compacts and reasonably priced gym sections.

Mat for your home gym

The mat is essential for stretching, yoga postures, Pilates, or doing sit-ups. With it, you protect your muscles from the impact of the floor since you cushion it. Besides, mats are an essential, inexpensive, and space-saving accessory.

When choosing your mat, think about the type of exercises you will do with it. The level of thickness and the dimensions of the mat will depend on this. However, so that you don’t do your exercises directly on the floor, choose a longer mat than you are, so if you don’t have space constraints, the bigger, the better. For this reason, we recommend a 190×100 cm mat. Other aspects that you can take into account are the adherence, the material, and the color.

Gym equipment: barbells, dumbbells, and discs

It is possible to have your kit of bars, dumbbells, and discs because several places sell them cheaply. These devices are indispensable to work strength and build muscle. So they can’t be missing in your home to complete your routines. For this reason, this is the gym equipment that we propose to you:

  • A 175 cm barbell of 8.7 kilograms and 2.8 cm in diameter.
  • Two dumbbells of 2 or 5 kilograms.
  • Four cast-iron discs of 5 kilograms.
  • Eight discs of 2 kilograms.
  • Four cast-iron discs of 1 kilogram.
  • Six blockers for the discs.
  • Fitball for your home gym

Although they are large, fitness balls are handy for their versatility and ease of use. With them, you can work your abs, strengthen your core, glutes and build muscle.

There are fitballs of various sizes ranging from 55 centimeters in diameter to 85 centimeters. To know your ideal size, you should base it on your height. Thus, the taller you are, the bigger the fitness ball will have to be.

Pull-up bars: ideal gym equipment

This type of gym equipment is used in gyms to work the upper body with bodyweight. You can find pull-up bars at a reasonable price, and the best thing is that they take up little space. The most important thing is to know how to place it properly to secure it and don’t fall.

Some bars can be attached to doors because of their small and ergonomic design. With them, you will work the upper and lower body effectively. Typically, their dimensions are 98 x 45cm wide and 6 x 27 cm high. Also, it has four types of grip and supports 110 kg.

Elastic resistance bands

Training with elastic bands is something that has been done for a long time in gyms. Also, when training personally and privately, this item is constantly used. They are an ideal fitness accessory to strengthen all the muscles of the body and activate their resistance.

Besides, they are a very inexpensive accessory that can be used in various ways, as it helps you do strength exercises without weight. It also allows you to work your body at different intensities and enables you to tone your muscles.

Gym equipment: Step

The step or wooden step is a sports tool in the form of a platform that you can place at different heights. It is widely used in gyms in aerobic classes in groups, but it has more uses and functions. With this gym equipment, you can do cardio work while toning your legs, hips, and glutes.

Working out with a step is like climbing stairs. Plus, you can use it for squats, floor exercises, or mix it with dumbbells or discs.