Understanding Hoarding Disorder

What is Hoarding Disorder?

Hoarding disorder is a mental health condition where a person feels the need to excessively collect things and store them in a seemingly random and disorganised manner.

The items they collect do not need to have any monetary value, but the thought of getting rid of them or people moving them can cause them anxiety.

People with hoarding disorder rarely see it as a problem, and this can make it difficult to treat.  If they live alone they can easily hide it from other people.  It can get so extreme that it can make moving around the house extremely difficult and even dangerous. 

Living with someone who has hoarding disorder can be very challenging, as they don’t realise how it affects other people.  Even though they will use all the storage areas and cover all the surfaces, even filling baths and showers.  In extreme cases it

The Secret To Better Health — Exercise

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Stretching workout routines may help enhance flexibility, …